The Tower

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

The arrogance of the mind is that it makes all kinds of assumptions, including:
1) That it is in charge,
2) That it knows what is going on (or at least all of the relevant life details),
3) that life will “go according to plan”.
(No catastrophes, experiences of loss, or challenge to one’s belief/status, please.)

For many people, their mind is their dictator.
There is no wiser counsel.
There is no detachment, and certainly no intuition.
These people are on autopilot, simply responding at all times to the mandatory dictates of their minds.
(Exhausting–not to mention, unfulfilling.)

But, no dictator can be allowed to stand, unchallenged.
And the desires of the soul cannot be denied (lest the spirit whither and die).

This is why catastrophe is sometimes needed.
Sometimes, the walls of your expectations MUST be shattered completely, in order for you to see in a different way.
Sometimes, you must lose the foundations of your security, so that you may rebuild on more solid (authentic) ground.

And so, if you should wake up tomorrow and find that your world has crumbled, do not despair.
This is the opportunity to leap, into a totally new state of being.
This is the chance to recreate your world– to build on the foundation of NOW, to paint with the hues of joy.

It is okay to feel shaken.
But do not plunge into the black heart of blame,
And do not collapse back into your old self.

Instead, ask the Divine for a new perspective.
And let synchronicity guide you.
The world is not what you think–
And that is a beautiful thing, indeed.


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