The Star

From the Gaian Tarot

From the Gaian Tarot

There is a spark within you–
A living, beating reminder,
that you are not simply human,
that you were born with a practice,
and with a purpose.

The practice is live in wonder, every single day,
To always open your heart and your mind,
and to see the world in a fresh way.

The purpose?
That is for you to discover.
But you will know it when you feel the pull of “yes”,
when something within you invites you to go deeper, to commit fully.

It is then that you will dive in,
with a heart fueled by passion,
and you will discover by doing.

There is no instruction manual required:
Only the leap of faith, when your intuition says,
“turn this way” or “ask this person” or
“commit to this daily practice”.

You will learn as you go.
And, you will never tire of learning,
because your eyes of wonder will always take in a fresh, self-renewing experience.

Meanwhile, your will and heart will be fed through your practice,
as you dive ever deeper,
as you give your all and honor your commitment.

In this way, through your passion,
and through your continual alignment with higher/deeper knowing,
you will become a model and an inspiration for others.

You will shine as an example of authentic being,
And your presence will light the way forย  their Self-uncovering.

To live with the utmost zeal, and with absolute openness, is the most radical practice of self-fulfillment, AND the key to selfless service.

Shine from your heart, and the world will take notice.

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