The Moon

From the Wildwood Tarot

From the Wildwood Tarot

It feels as though you have wandered in the dark for many years–for eons, perhaps.
All of the world is quiet, in this darkness.
The only noise is inside your head.

But you have learned how to tame this noise,
To calm it, and beneath its strange, insistent melody,
You feel a rhythm, a pulse.

Go deeper, deeper, now, and entrain yourself to that pulse.
It is the beating of your own primal heart.
It is the beating of the Universe through your veins.

When you feel that beat, when you totally know and own that rhythm as your life-blood, your rhythm,
It is then that you might open your eyes and see:

See the shadows, which dance within and before your mind.
See the shapes of forms (some comforting, some looming in imposition).
See the soft light, which materializes into vision,
Which reveals the subtle play of Faerie.

You are calm, now, and the images do not frighten you.
You listen first and foremost to the silence that lies underneath your mind.
You can trust yourself, even in this half-light knowing,
Because the rhythm of stillness pulls within your core.

Be still, child, and know:
You are safe.
You are protected.
You are whole.

May you live, and move, and sleep, and dream, in eternal knowing and in peace.

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