The Sun

From the Gaian Tarot

From the Gaian Tarot

Your natural state of being is Joy, plain and simple.
Let yourself radiate with the knowing that you are a being of awareness, of light and of unconditional love.

Nothing can touch that:
None of the hardship that you’ve been through,
None of the trials, none of the tears.
Through it all, through all of the doubts and fear,
You have surrendered and you have been reborn.

And it is because joy and peace is your natural state that, when all else is stripped away, that is what remains.

So, let that natural radiance pour through you.
Let it touch all that you are, and all that you will be in the world.
Let the Sun pour through your smile.
Let it beam through your heart.

You have a purpose.
Your purpose is to be joy, and to spread joy to all that you meet.
Let that purpose light you up, and let it move you through your every encounter.

Blessed be, and Namaste.

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