From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

. . . And, when she appeared, the skies opened up,
And suddenly all was made known.
The past dropped away
(just a curious remembering of old habits and patterns).
The future opened up:
A new beginning, a pristinely clear perspective.
(Why were things previously so muddled?)

And then, a sudden knowing:
‘This is Grace operating here.  I’ve been given a 2nd chance.’
But, for what?  By whom?

The glorious angel said nothing, but simply inclined her head to the sky,
And channeled her voice into her music:
Rainbow sounds emanating from her golden horn,
And each note shaking free more residue from my past.

Liberation is its own gift, I realize, suddenly.
My desire for liberation, above all else, is what has freed me.

And thus becomes my purpose, my motto for this next chapter of my life:
Sing this song of liberation, everywhere I go.
Bring freedom to stuck minds and weary souls,
By simply reminding them that they are already awake.
They need only to incline their heads to the sky, and listen.

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