Courage, and Stillness (Jupiter Rx in Leo, now through April 8, 2015)

Jupiter stationed retrograde in the sign of Leo yesterday afternoon.  For this natal Jupiter-in-Leo gal–and perhaps, for many of you–it feels like a monumental shift: a shift from a blatant attitude of optimism, hope and expansion, to self-doubt and asking fundamental questions.  And so, the question arises: What could be gained from this shift? Is it intended to keep our egos in check? (After all, Jupiter rules expansion and Leo is all about self-expression.  That COULD equal a big ego.) Maybe.

Or, maybe, it’s not about denigrating our egos, or ourselves.  Maybe it’s about learning to give up the reins a bit.

Astrologically, the element of fire is all about faith.  It’s all about trusting our joy, persuing our desires, rekindling the instinctual self and letting it lead.  We’ve had a lot of fire influence going on lately–what with the Sun, Mercury and Venus transiting high-minded Leo, Uranus preparing to station in revolutionary Aries, AND Jupiter undergoing it’s year-long voyage through expressive Leo (our focus here).  Ideally, with all of this focus on fire, we should feel a-blaze with hope and vision right now! And yet. . .

. . . Don’t we want to ground this vision? Don’t we want to give it a little perspective? Don’t we want to know that we’re “on the right track”?

Of course we do. . . But how, exactly?

The true, spiritual function of Jupiter in Leo is to teach us to trust ourselves.  To own our voices, our visions–and to let loose and shine.  Sometimes, though, in the midst of all of that shining, we forget that it’s not really US that runs the ship.  It’s Divine Wisdom that guides us; it’s the unfolding of life, and love and consciousness.  Sure, we DO have a unique perspective to share, and we should fully embrace our individual journey. . . But, how complete will that journey feel, how successful will it be, if you try and control the details?

There is something bigger than us.  Call it a higher power, call it your inner knowing, call it the man (or woman) behind the curtain, call in Spirit and leave it at that.  Whatever you call it, it’s important to listen to it.  It has clues for you.  It has something important to share.  It has that piece of the puzzle that you’ve been searching for.  And, all you have to do, to find it, is stop for a while, and listen.

Listening takes courage.  Stopping is not easy.  And yet, if we can stop and listen, if we can tune in to what the Universe wants to tell us, then we can rediscover our unique path and purpose.  We can find what we’ve been looking for, all along.

What your MIND thinks you want is not really what you want.  The things that you habitually do, the compulsions that lead you this way and that, they are just a distraction.  There is nothing wrong with your mind.  There is nothing wrong with your ego.  But, it is not enough.  To find what you are looking for, to feel and to express something deeper, you must first settle down, tune in, and listen.

Namaste. <3

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