Seeing Through the Eyes of Beauty (during Mercury retrograde)

How do you see the world? (Mercury retrograde)
And can you learn to see differently–to allow beauty (Libra) and cosmic wisdom (Neptune) to more consistently inform your experience?

I gave a talk last night, at my meditation center, called “Seeing Through the Eyes of Beauty”. While processing the themes of opening up to beauty, and inviting in alternate ways of being, I got to thinking about some astrological correlates–namely, Mercury Rx conjunct the Sun, trining the Libra north node, and squaring Neptune. Here are my thoughts, in video form (a new venture for me!):
Seeing Through the Eyes of Beauty (Mercury Rx aspecting Sun, Libra north node and Neptune)

And, here’s the crux of this video musing:

We have a choice about how we see the world, and how we dance with it. Astrologically, the Sun (awareness) and Mercury Rx (the mind) are currently meeting up in the changeable sign of Gemini. Both planets are trining the North Node in Libra (beauty) AND squaring Neptune (cosmic play). And so, the Universe is extending us an invitation–to invite beauty and cosmic inspiration into our lives. . . How will you respond to this invitation?

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