Parting words (as Saturn leaves Scorpio)

Farewell, Saturn in Scorpio.


It’s strange, but, in some ways. . .

I will miss you.

There will be times, I know,

Where I will long to withdraw,

To wrap myself in mystery,

To explore the caverns of my inner workings–

And you will not be there.


Nor will you be there when I bear my soul to another

(whether soaking in the recognition, or withdrawing from the shock of their dismissal).


You have instructed me in the ways of loneliness,

And in the layers of intimacy.

You have demanded honesty and have saved secrets

(until they were ripe for the telling).


You have buried memories,

And loved ones.

You have separated me from longheld relationships and forced me to be accountable for myself (and my money).

I have learned that I afraid of all of these things.

And, sometimes, I have dived in anyways.


You have shown me that I have the fortitude to stand, when all others leave.

And, you have teased me out of my cocoon of self-imposed isolation.


You are sticky, and complex,

And I will never fully understand the dimensions of you,

Of myself, of the ones I love.


But thank you for being a guide,

For leading me into the cave.

I never knew my power,

My authority, my resilience,

Until you taught me to stay,

And to see the beauty behind the fear.

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