Knight of Swords

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

I am The Guardian standing at the gate of your mind, protecting you from unwanted intruders.


I am the wind beneath your feet, springing into action to defend all that is right and good.


I never tire of taking a stand for justice.

I will not stand for sloppy emotion, or misguided thinking.


I am NOT cold, but I am logical,

and I know the importance of a strong mind in defending what is right.


Lean on me when you are weak,

when you have forgotten your way,

and I will help to set your course straight.


Call on me when you have forgotten how to trust yourself,

and I will teach you how to focus and to walk the straight line towards your desire.


I defend all that is pure and innocent.

I am guided by the light, and I soar on eagle’s wings.

You can count on me to defend you, when the going gets tough,

but I will also push you to find the right path,

where highest good will once again inspire your steps.

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