The Fool

from the Ostara Tarot

from the Ostara Tarot

Forget who you are, and all traces of name and place.

You cannot begin a new journey, if you continue to carry the baggage of who you once were.


You have, after all, been a thousand people,

Some of them old in their wisdom,

Some of them eager beginners.

You have learned many trades, many ways of being.


And now it is once again time to set all of that aside, and to begin again.


Instead of focusing on all of the things that could go wrong,

Simply open your eyes and look around, with wonder.

There are so many things to be amazed about, even now, in your “familiar” habitat.

Now that you have set out to release all of your habitual patterns, you will find that even the simplest of things are absolutely amazing.

It doesn’t take much become an innocent–only the willingness to let go of control (the easiest and hardest thing to do) and to see the world with fresh eyes.


And you will find that the World teaches you, my dear.  There is really nothing that you need to know in advance.

There is nothing that you can’t learn along the way, assuming you are teachable.


Keep an open mind, my love,

and let the World come to you,

in all of its splendor.

It will change you, and you will once again become another person, and that will be perfect.


How do I know?

Because, I have, like you, begun a thousand journeys.

And because I live always like this, in complete openness and trust.

I can trust completely because I live with a light heart, and I have nothing to lose.


Won’t you join me on this fascinating journey?

Shed your past and begin a new adventure?

You never know what you might find–except that it always be new, and fresh, and well worth the risk of opening your mind and heart.

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