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From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

Finding clarity, and taking right action, is a practice.
Every time a situation comes to you unexpectedly, and threatens to throw you off course, take a moment.

Stop and breathe,
and then decide which way to turn:
left or right?

You will feel the tug of certainty in your body.

You have divine sovereignty over your life.

Only you can decide which action is appropriate,

and what the next step is, in order to clarify your situation.
Do not let anyone sway you.

But if you desire to work with others, simply stay open to the situation,
and then feel what the appropriate response is.
Certainty comes as a feeling of yes and your body.

When you feel that opening,
when you feel that internal need to go, honor that.
You can trust that impulse, and that impulse alone.

Once you are clear within yourself, cultivating self-trust and knowledge,
once you know the appropriate action to take,
then you can act in the best way to benefit yourself and others.

Trust the wisdom of your soul.
It will guide you through even the most difficult of time,
And it will steer you towards the light.

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