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From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

Life should be an adventure,
A continual quest for greater knowing and discovery.

You are meant to live like a beacon, lit up from the inside by your passion and zest for life.

Have you felt disconnected, unplugged from the Source of your being?

Have you forgotten your way, and become lost in the forest of obligations, of other people’s decisions?

Perhaps you have forgotten how to play, how to simply abandon yourself to the joy of the moment.

Then, let’s try an experiment:
Put on your favorite song, the one that makes you feel all warm inside, or the one to which you can’t help but pulse to the beat.
Sing along, with abandon.
(The point is to let your voice GO, not to sound good.)
Stand and dance too, with no agenda.
Let your body move you.
Discover the song, your voice, your body as though for the first time.
Drop the judging mind, and let your experience pulsate with wonder.

That, my love.
That is living as though lit up.
Let every moment become so joyful, so filled with abandon,
That you beam your way through life, that you inspire everyone you meet.
I guarantee you that you will have a LOT more fun, and you will create as simply as you breathe.
Pure magic–the magic of being fully alive.

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