Four of Wands

From the Gaian Tarot

From the Gaian Tarot

Your desire is a powerful fuel for good.
You have a spark within you that longs to touch other people, to support and to empower them through your energy and your vision.
Similarly, there are others who share your desire, and your alignment, and who are available to support you.

What is it that you wish to create?
How does it light you up?
And how can you share this joy with others?
By clarifying and understanding your own drive and vision, you also do a service for others, and you attract people of like mind.

The energy of the collective is a powerful force.
It can move mountains.  It can change the shape of the future.
Raise your conscious vibration, with others, and you will raise the vibration of the world.

The world needs your light, your contribution.
Let the Universe support you in showing up, in sharing your authentic voice, in shaping your future.
Let the frequency of “yes” resound through your heart-mind.
Let that frequency attract the perfect people, the right situation.

No force is required to shape the life that you desire:
just the willingness to jump in, and the clarity of why you are here, and the openness to let the Universe assist you.
That is all.

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